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What can we do for your company!



Forget the big monitoring centers or the need for employees to check your assets 24 hours a day.
Our automated monitoring systems do this with high efficiency alerting your team when intervention is needed.



Manage efficiently your operational team, designed exclusively by and for OOH companies.

Orders, tasks, activities, materials, routes, and teams work , processes, projects, supervisions and daily tasks are part of our systems for operations.


Proof-of-Posting + Performance

The world's most advanced automated Proof-of-Posting and Proof-of-Performance issuance tools.
Integrations with various systems make this solution indispensable for transparently delivering results to your customers


Integrated Content Manager

Currently managing content on your digital screens cannot be simple. RSS, dynamic content distribution, e-cOOHmmerce and programmatic media and other features are part of our platform.

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