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Clear Channel Chile chooses repOOHrt, the most advanced PoP Reporting System on the OOH market.

🇺🇸 In this September 2020, Clear Channel Chile will make available to its customers, the new Integrated Proof-of-Posting Reporting System repOOHrt, and the delivery time for reports is reduced from days to hours.

This system has the ability to generate video reports in real time and autonomously, synchronized with our CMS - ViiA Smart Player, it identifies each content displayed on an indoor or outdoor digital screen, records each advertising individually, groups accordingly with the Client / Campaign and generates consolidated reports to be made available for download in different formats (PPT, Excel, Word, PDF, etc.) or weblinks to share in email and instant messaging applications.

For screens that do not have a camera to obtain automated images and videos (such as totems and kiosks in shopping malls for example), our mobile application is used to obtain the various videos, which are saved in our reporting platform in the same way, to generate a consolidated report in the format of your choice and together with the automated ones.

With repOOHrt, the delivery time for reports is reduced from days to hours, as the entire system is autonomous and intelligent. Initiatives like the ones we have with Clear Channel in Mexico, Peru and now in Chile, are extremely important, because in addition to the real digitalization that this process has, it also allows the company to optimize the number of employees on the street at this after COVID moment. Clear Channel is the first Chilean company to offer this type of solution, which adds agility and transparency to its customers”, comments Kelson Schmitt - INVIAN International - CEO.

Clear Channel is constantly looking for innovation, combining new technologies, creativity and trends with the delivery of a quality service to our customers. As part of our global policy for implementing the best solutions, we are very happy to make our new Integrated Verification Reporting System (repOOHrt) available to our advertisers, which will undoubtedly become a valuable solution for Clear Channel customers", comments Lydia Vazquez-Noguerol - Clear Channel Chile - CEO.

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