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  • Kelson Schmitt | CEO INVIAN International

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama launch their breathtaking collaboration in Times Square!

Ultra-Luxury Brand + Next Level Technology = Phenomenal OOH

After early shots from onlookers were teased last week, we now get a closer look at the Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton

The massive 3D anamorphic display starts with a polka-dotted LV Damier trunk which opens up to reveal three of Kusama’s iconic pumpkins.

The yellow one, famously installed on the art island of Naoshima, is worn by the artist as a helmet as she’s seen peering over the ledge.

The animations then pivot to visuals of shimmering orbs from her Narcissus Garden artwork and other polka-dotted LV objects.

“Ten years after a first collaboration, Yayoi Kusama’s symbolic objects, hypnotic motifs, and imaginings of infinity take over the Maison’s own emblems, creating magical objects that transcend time and space.

First revealed on the Cruise 2023 runway, this year’s collaboration brings not only the artist’s signature dots to the Monogram canvas, but also explores a wide range of recurring themes,” writes Louis Vuitton of the joint project.

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