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IMU and INVIAN, increasing efficiency and improving processes in their network of 16,000+ OOH faces.

🇺🇸 Even after our first year collaborating with Grupo IMU (Imágenes y Muebles Urbanos - México), our systems keep generating innovative and efficient processes to their daily operations.

IMU, has more than 16 thousand advertising faces, distributed in more than 17 cities around Mexico, under different formats such as bus shelters, Columns, Totems, Mupis, Battery Charging Stations, Kiosks and Billboards.

ViiA Board is the platform responsible for the management of all the network including distribution, installation, proof-of-posting and removal of the advertisings. Our mobile application is used by more than 300 employees, who have stopped using paper guides, allowing IMU to have control of all their operation in real-time. The management team can easily monitor from real-time-availability, work progress and PoP verification in each advertising.

In addition to static or OOH operations, our DOOH systems are used by IMU in more than 300 indoor and outdoor digital screens, including the Mexico City International Airport.

Our CMS - ViiA Smart Player, generates the smart content distribution, advanced development, and integrations with various platforms such as Google, Waze, weather and infinite possibilities of dynamic content. Integrated with our suite of monitoring and verification applications, maintains IMU DOOH division fully controlled, monitoring the operation of hardware and software, reacting automatically to any situation, including our automated Proof-of-Posting verification system.

“We have IMU as a company in constant evolution, for us it was an enriching challenge to implement our systems and designing efficient processes together. Today with our systems 100% in operation for more than a year, directors and managers can have real-time information about commercial availability, status and monitoring of installation, exhibition and many others, directly on their mobile phones, of more than 16 thousand advertising faces distributed in more than 17 cities in Mexico. We believe that a company stands out when it seeks to improve its processes using technology and innovation, combined with a clear strategic vision of transparency and efficiency”. comments Kelson Schmitt, CEO de INVIAN International.

“It was a challenge to implement INVIAN platform (monitoring and campaign installation system) in more than 16 thousand faces, that we managed to accomplish with such limited time, that speaks of the good communication between IMU and the INVIAN Team. The efficiency of the tools combined among their various systems, highlight their versatility. Their expert team have helps us innovating and improving our work in operations and the establishment of “paperless” processes in the work methodology” comments Joel Palafox López, Gerente de Tráfico en Grupo IMU.

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