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REDUCTION OF EXPENSES, the phrase of the month in OOH/DOOH Market!

🇺🇸 Different Confinement formats adopted in every country due to COVID-19 has brought uncertainty in the OOH/DOOH industry. Restricted or rule access to airports, shopping malls and even streets have forced many companies to turn off their screens and adjust their operations. The only thing we can be certain about is that it will pass!

We understand that the return of your operations will require a lot of effort and work to bring back your customers into "the streets". To do so it is required a new way of thinking.

Inevitably you will have to optimize resources in order to get your company's financial stability back. Introducing new tools, making your business even more attractive, surprising your customer, delivering a new and satisfying experience.

INVIAN has several automated solutions to help your company be more effective in saving resources. Adding value and efficiency to your customer.


ViiA Checking

Proof-of-Posting Report System, for large digital format elements with automated Photo and Video capture (by IP camera) cutting, editing and customized reports in PDF.


ViiA Board

Proof-of-Performance Report Systems, with installation statement, Geo-Location, and follow-up for static elements of different formats.


ViiA Task

Network report operation time, failures incidents, response and reparation times, teamwork, spare parts inventory, management work order and KPIs visualization.


ViiA Monitoring

Monitoring and Automated Failure Hardware Detection, LED modules, VideoWall monitors, PCs, Players, Internet, Power Operation, etc.


ViiA Health

Background Monitoring Robots to prevent Hacker attacks, White and Blacklist operation Software’s and Applications, PC Management and Remote Control.


ViiA Smart Player

CMS Player with several Integrated APIs, RSS, Social Networks, Easy and Friendly Management, Drag’n Drop, Advertising Approvals System, e-Commerce, etc.


ViiA cOOHmerce

Now more than ever online transactions are a must at every business and the OOH/DOOH industry is no exception. With ViiA cOOHmerce you can create, customized and integrate your own marketplace to your webpage. But not any marketplace, ViiA cOOHmerce was designed, tested and developed for the OOH/DOOH community with the OOH/DOOH community.

An easy and dynamic way to keep up with your sales with your loyal and upcoming customers, without paying any commission for transactions!


We are finishing the development of mercaDOOH, our Marketplace system for OOH/DOOH, able to connect to ViiA cOOHmerce with simple clicks. Providing your company an additional sales channel to boost your growth

mercaDOOH can be easily integrated with different programmatic selling platforms through our APIs. Making your inventory available to thousands of local and global advertisers in our marketplace A marketplace developed to democratize the access of small and medium advertisers to the digital OOH and Digital Signage inventory.

Get in touch with our team and learn more INFO on how INVIAN can help your company.

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