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Operations Systems


ViiA Task

Viia Task is a service to manage efficiently your operational team, designed exclusively by and for companies of OOH.

It is based on orders, tasks, activities, materials, routes, and work teams, who execute processes, projects, supervisions and daily tasks according to the own procedures.

The competitive advantage of ViiA Task is its focus on OOH processes, which is already part of ViiA Manager and allows a company to obtain real-time information on the progress of the activities being carried out, through our website or mobile app.

The reports obtained will allow you to distribute the workload, you will be able to measure the performance of your work teams, you will also be able to know the most frequent tasks, the durations of the activities assigned and view the consumption of materials.

Data types activities. 

According to your procedures and requirements you can create multiple activities, using different data form like:

  • Forms with texts

  • Forms with numbers

  • True / False selection

  • Status traffic light (green / red)

  • Single / Multiple Selection

  • Date selection

  • Time Selection

  • Progress bar

  • Sending Geolocation (GPS)

  • Multimedia content with photo submission

  • Multimedia content with video delivery

  • Multimedia content with Audio delivery

  • Summary of Activities (executed / not executed)

Use indicators 

The results of the ViiA Task are key indicators of work management, such as:

  • Work order charts,

  • Most frequent tasks,

  • More efficient users,

  • Most used materials,

  • Response time (users)

  • Response time (incidents)

  • Pending orders

ViiA Task (Dashboard)

ViiA Task 1.png

Integrated Task and Activities dashboard, with performance indicators and pending issues.

Route formation and inventory location for commercial and operational information.

ViiA Task 2.png
ViiA Board 3.png

Installation and Maintenance  activities visualization in

Real Time.

Poster (reference), Installation Verification, and PoP Display Verification.

ViiA Board 5.png

ViiA Task (APP)

ViiA Task APP 1.png
ViiA Task APP 2.png
ViiA Task APP 3.png

Mobile APP

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