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Monitoring Systems


ViiA Screen

  • Screen (automated failure detection)

  • Live (camera streaming)

  • Task (automated incidence creator)

  • Video detection (on static media)

This system allows you to measure operational availability, reliability and response times of your digital displays.

Using the IP cameras installed to monitor your digital screens, can detect irregularities or incidents caused by: module failures (black modules), static colors, screens frozen or screens off.

Every time an incident is detected, ViiA Screen captures an image through the IP camera and send a notification to the technical team assigned.

These notifications can be received through our mobile app or email.

The reports obtained measure the response times before incidents, availability and reliability of digital screens and technical team ​


ViiA Health

  • Remote pc/player monitoring;

  • Individual application remote monitoring;

  • Available disk space monitoring;

  • Memory consumption;

  • Automatic, programmed, emergency pc/player reboot;

  • Individual remotely applications management (open/close);

  • Real-time communication over firebase (by google);

  • No teamviewer, Anydesk, VNC, VPN or other needed;

This system allows you to monitor the computer resources of your digital displays.​

ViiA Health was specifically designed for the DOOH market.

Installed in the computer, it can manage the applications that must or must not be running, registering incidents, and notifying your technical team.​

These notifications can be received through our mobile application or email.

ViiA Health can generate multiple remote commands, send hardware reports, and monitor the performance of your computers in real time, taking readings of the processing, RAM used, available hard disk space and the temperature of the device.​

The reports obtained will allow you to set parameter for the optimal performance of each computer, this way, you will be able to evaluate the status of your entire network of PCs, from anywhere.

ViiA Health
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