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With the increase in the offer of Digital OOH advertising elements, the availability of spaces increased considerably.

Our platform is modern, actually, and the flexibility of will allow your company to reach new advertisers who previously did not have access to an OOH purchase for their specific needs, such as advertising on an LED screen near your business, or in the same mall that has their store, for a specific period of time (short or long) or to promote their personal image, product, etc..., allowing them to even buy campaigns by number of exhibitions, hours, days or weeks, without the need and bureaucracy of signing contracts, credit analysis, manual payment and more...

NO FIXED monthly payment;
(no fixed monthly payment per unit, only commissions on sales made)

mercaDOOH international guaranteed payment gateway;
(guaranteed payment - transaction amounts are transferred to the customer within 60 days after the end of the campaign, after taxes)

WEB page with OOH + DOOH International inventory;
(allows to boost sales, mercaDOOH are available in several cities and countries)

Commission on sales made on and their integrations;
(Commission is only charged after any transaction made by our platform and partners has been completed)

Campaign management, approval and publication;
(Absolute control over what will be shown in your inventory, you can request replacement and adjustments before accepting or posting a campaign)

Bring your inventory to next level on

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