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ViiA Board

It is the "all-in-one" solution for OOH campaign management, from sales performance, elements availability, campaigns, installations, verification and audited reports.


ViiA Board, structures your entire process in a way that old tools are no longer needed to manage large amounts of advertising elements.


Including Campaign Creations, Planning the Distribution, Installation and Automated Proof-of-Posting Reports.


You will not send people to take pictures with digital cameras, download files manually and edit long reports or send emails to validate the installation.


It allows your company to order its inventory by routes and work sequences, distribute and monitor in real time, using of our mobile application “ViiA Manager”.

Using high performance and fast response technology, ViiA Board allows the Commercial Executives of an OOH company, to access Inventory Availability Information in Real Time, create campaigns and download multiple reports.

ViiA Manager (sales)

ViiA Board 1.png

Simplified and direct sales visualization by Executive, Campaigns and Finance.

Availability and Sales updated in real time for decision making, discounts, etc...

ViiA Board 2.png

ViiA Manager (instalations)

ViiA Board 3.png

Performance visualization of each installer (or route), executed and pending tasks in real time.

Creation and monitoring of work routes and "Way-Point".

ViiA Board 4.png
ViiA Board 5.png

Task tracking and real-time image sharing.

ViiA Manager (mobile APP)

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