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Who We Are

The INVIAN platform is the most complete global solution for #OOH #DOOH #RETAIL companies to manage their assets in a simple and efficient way, with a high level of key performance indicators.

Since it's origin in 2017, INVIAN follows a very clear growing trend, the increasingly changing market demands, and the appearance of new technologies, such as IOT, IA, were the inputs for the innovation of the services they provide.

 What is INVIAN Suite? 

The INVIAN suite is one of the most innovative global solutions within the outdoor advertising industry (d+OOH), which helps your commercial, operations and IT teams to work simply and efficiently, from anywhere and at any time.


Our suite has allowed commercial, operations and IT tasks to be integrated within a single ecosystem, allowing large and small companies to obtain information never before seen in our industry, delivering easy control, based on indicators, for decision making.

Meet Our Suite

Tools for


MONITORING and failure detection.

REMOTE CONTROL of your PCs, which includes the management of installed software and performance reports of your PCs.

Photo and Video REPORTS, both manually and FULLY AUTOMATED.

E-COMMERCE, PROGRAMMATIC and MARKETPLACE, with real time availability, approval, verification and content publication manager.

Complete solution for CONTENT MANAGER (CMS), integrations with other platforms, such as social networks, dynamic data sources, among others.

LIVE STREAMING with access control service.

AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT, with vehicle and people counters.

Tools for


AVAILABILITY management, with friendly and easy visualization;

PROOF of PERFORMANCE reports, distribution, assemblies and exhibition (PoP);

Management of PREVENTIVE and corrective MAINTENANCE, designed exclusively for the OOH industry needs;

SMART monitorig work ROUTE installation (real time);

TASK and TEAM WORK activities manager;

Mobile and APIs

Our APPLICATIONS are multiplatform, being able to work from the web, and the cell phone, both for iOS and ANDROID


We also make our APIs available to strengthen your current operation, integrating with others platforms.

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