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The Definitive Solution for d+OOH Networks

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13 systems designed and approved for leading publishers in the market

Seamless integration between Traditional and Digital OOH under the same ecosystem

Constant updates keep our platform always on the rise

24/7 support in

3 languages

Our Solutions

The INVIAN platform is the most complete global solution for

#OOH #DOOH #RETAIL companies to manage their assets in a simple and efficient way, with a high level of key performance indicators.


Why Choose INVIAN

Deep Industry Expertise

We are experts in OOH with extensive business knowledge and the processes, combined with an incredible team of software developers.

Committed to the Customers Success

The perfect delivery to our customer is priority for INVIAN, providing systems that increase the efficiency of companies.

Planning, Training and Segment

Know the needs of each company, indicate solutions, train the team and offer support whenever necessary.

Working side by side with the customer

We understand that some adjustments are necessary for each type and company size, so we discuss each case with our customers.


“It was a challenge to implement INVIAN platform (monitoring and campaign installation system) in more than +16.000 faces, that we managed to accomplish with such limited time, that speaks of the good communication between IMU and the INVIAN Team. The efficiency of the tools combined among their various systems, highlight their versatility. Their expert team have helps us innovating and improving our work in operations and the establishment of “paperless” processes in the work methodology”
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Joel Palafox López

Traffic Manager at Grupo IMU

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“Clear Channel is constantly looking for innovation, combining new technologies, creativity and trends with the delivery of a quality service to our customers. As part of our global policy for implementing the best solutions, we are very happy to make our new Integrated Verification Reporting System (repOOHrt) available to our advertisers, which will undoubtedly become a valuable solution for Clear Channel customers"

Lydia Vazquez-Noguerol

Clear Channel Chile - CEO

Our Happy Clients

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